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Teoh Beng Huat: Truth shall prevail

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Teoh Beng Hock is dead. Let not his death be forgotten and for nothing. The reason why Teoh died is because of the massive scale of corruption by the DAP since they took over the running of the Selangor state government in March 2008.

For the first time we have documents evidence, names, cheque nos, vouchers and projects which the MACC, the Police, the Royal Commission of Inquiry, the Magistrate Court Inquest, the NGOs, the DAP itself and any member of the public can verify themselves.

The DAP (not the PAS or PKR) has been stealing the rakyat's money in Selangor. They have been doing this without the knowledge of the other Pakatan partners like PKR and PAS. They have cheated not only the rakyat but also their own Pakatan partners from enjoying some of the stolen money.

This is actually not corruption. Corruption means you get money illegally from someone else. In the UMNO style, someone gets a project. Then they pay through a runner 10% or 20%, usually in cash inside a bag. Very simple and also quite smart.
But the DAP are quite stupid. They set up their own dummy companies, create fake invoice, fake projects and then take the money out. This is stealing, not corruption. But because they abuse their power it is also involving corruption. In the process they leave behind a very long trail of documents and evidence.The late Teoh Beng Hock was involved in this scandal also but he was forced by Ean Yong and Ronnie Liu.

He did not really like what was happening. To protect himself, Teoh made copies of all the false documents and dummy companies that was set up by the DAP. Teoh left behind a hard disk with someone which contains a stack of information detailing the corruption by the DAP in Selangor.

They followed a simple but silly method. Each Kawasan DUN (like Kajang, Teratai, Balakong) is given RM500,000 funds which the Pakatan ADUN can spend on projects.

The DAP has been stealing this money - a little at a time. Few thousand ringgit at a time. But there are more than 300 small projects - Teoh gave us a long list.The Selangor govt has said that they will tender every single project. This is their lying. In the list provided by Teoh, some people and some companies sapu many of the projects.

Among the biggest players are WONG CHUAN HOW (in the Kawasan DUN Sungai Pelek) under YB Ronnie Liu who was given 84 projects totalling over RM200,000 (Tarian Cina Persatuan Bahasa, Perayaan Persatuan Buddha Huan Chian Chuen, Kejohanan Bola Keranjang).

Other names include Perniagaan Seri Makmur, Era Terbilang Enterprise, Era Gemilang Enterprise and many more. Teoh gave a full list. We have scanned some of the documents (from about 100 pages of documents)How can one person get 84 different contracts?

The amounts are small but the method they use is very big. This is just in one year. Imagine if the DAP take over the federal govt? Here are some examples how DAP do it.

The names and the projects are all real.
1. Rombongan Lawatan Penduduk 21/10/2008WSK Enterprise paid RM1,800 by Selangor state govt using rakyat money as the contractor / coordinator. The money is paid out as follows:
Invoiced by WSK Services: RM1,800Less 10% for DAP ADUN: 180Net: RM1,620Pay for 'Books': RM600 (this RM600 goes to DAP Malaysia)Net: RM1,020For Invoices / Stationery: 50Balance RM 970 paid to Lee Sau Lan Public Bank cheque 254059 - cheque not clear)

2. WSK Services
Invoiced amount: RM3,455.00Less 10% DAP ADUN: RM345.00Invoices: RM 50.00To Lee Sau Lan: RM3,059.00

3. Hong Chae Enterprise
Invoiced amount: RM 10,000.00Less 5% DAP ADUN: RM500.00Net: RM9,500.00Cheque paid (no name given) 5,000.00Net: RM4,500.00DAP Serdang Aman: RM3,000.00To DAP Fund: RM1,500.00

4. WSK Services
Invoiced amount: RM 1,665.00Less 10% DAP ADUN: RM166.50Net: RM1,498.50DAP Serdang Aman: RM379.15To Hong Chae Enterprise: RM1,119.35Pay to Teoh Beng Hock: RM112.00Pay to DAP Fund: RM1,007.35

5. WSK Services
Invoice amount: RM4,200.00Less 10% DAP: RM420.00Net: RM3,780.00DAP Serdang Aman: RM3,754.76For Tahun 2008 (ADUN Sg Pelek) projects under YB Ronnie Liu list there are 172 projects.Of this number, Items No. 89 to 172 (83 projects in Sg Pelek) have been awarded to Wong Chuan Chow worth RM216,950 in just one year. The list of projects given to Wong Chuan Chow have been scanned here*.

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