Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sharing-this-annoying-remarks by Jeff Ooi

Menurut sumber tidak rasmi dari rakan di Perak, berikut adalah statistik pecahan undi PRK Bukit Gantang mengikut pecahan Melayu dan bukan Melayu:

Sokongan Melayu terhadap BN = 63 %
Sokongan Melayu terhadap PAS = 37 %
Bukan Melayu undi BN = 15 %
Bukan Melayu undi PAS = 85 %
Keputusan = DAP Juara!

...dan kemenangan DAP diraikan oleh Jeff Ooi dengan cara yang sangat biadap. Berikut artikel yang ditulis beliau. Inikah Anak Bangsa Malaysia ?Lebih sesuai dilabel Anak Bangsa(T)! Baca artikel Jeff Ooi seperti di bawah:-

Bukit Gantang... Good for New Malaysia
The final result is out. It's now four waterloos in less than 12 months for Umno-dominated Barisan Nasional.

This time in the tri-elections, the only place that BN won was the only place that Dr Mahathir didn't go for campaign, Batang Ai.

The people have given their verdict, the increased majority in the two Bukits speaks louder than the GE2008 political tsunami -- The People stay their course.
In Bukit Gantang, two persons got terribly bruised along the road: New PM Najib Razak, and the aged and ageing
Sultan of Perak.

I had the opportunity of helping in the last lapse of the campaign in Bukit Gantang, when my comrades in Pakatan Rakyat started to get physically worn off, though the fighting spirits soared day by day.

I thank the 12-member team from my Jelutong DAP Service Centre, the same team who helped put me in the Parliament, for taking no-pay leave to accompany me in the hard work.

It's well worth the effort -- late nights, RM30-per-night clan-house rooms, and hawkers' meals daily rain and shine in Simpang, Kuala Sepetang and Taiping.
It's well worth the effort because Umno's ego got dented, and the people -- Malays et al who delivered those 21,860 votes to Mohd Nizar and PAS solidly today -- memohon derhaka and
showed their middle-fingers at their rulers, in and outside democracy and constitutional monarchy, and yet discharged in a civilised, democratic manner.Good for New MalaysiaThe message is clear: Perak people don't sanction the political coup d'etat that robbed them a people-elected state government.

Like it or not, Bukit Gantang, a 65% Malay-majority parliamentary constituency, had been
a referendum on the miscarriage of democracy in Perak. The people want the Umno-infested state assembly to be dissolved and fresh state-wide election carried out.

Does the emperor wear any new clothes? Malaysia never felt this good