Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chua Soi Lek Speaks Out Loudly about Cross Over to Pembangkang

Excerpt from Cua Soi Lek's Blog:

MCA MP's crossing over? Very Unlikely

With regard to Anwar’s comment that MCA MPs crossing over to PR, I think Anwar is behaving in his usual self. He’s trying to pull a fast one and he is bluffing. Reason is simple, there are only 15 MPs in MCA, 10 of them have position in the government, 4 as Ministers and 6 as deputy minister and it is unlikely that any of these with government position would defect to PR.

The remaining 5 MPs from MCA who are backbencher includes the President, the vice President Dr. Fong, my son Chua Tee Yong and 2 other senior MCA MPs, and the 5 backbenchers are unlikely to defect to PR.

Imagine the President of MCA crossing over to PR, which is unlikely, very, very unlikely.Anwar has been feeding the rumour mile of BN MPs crossing over to PR. If this occurs, it will be unlikely to be from MPs in Peninsular Malaysia.

If there is, it is very likely (with due respect to Sabah and Sarawak) to be from the smaller coalition partners of BN in Sabah and Sarawak.As for me, I have been with MCA for nearly 30 years. There is no reason for me to crossover to PR.

I feel that PR which is a marriage of 3 political parties is able to be together, basically because of Anwar Ibrahim. Any form of cooperation, especially in a multiracial country which is dependent on one person is a very dangerous form of cooperation.We have not seen the real PAS with its Islamic agenda. Personally, I am suspicious of PAS leader.

I feel that they are not talking about the Islamic agenda because they know it will be a waste of time since they are not in control of the federal government. Any changes that can be done at the state level is more likely to be cosmetic, unlikely to be substantial and it will only drive away the non Muslim from supporting PAS and PR.

PAS, which has a bigger organization, more resources and also with better experience in running the state government is not foolish to talk about Islamic agenda openly until they are ready to do so when they are in the federal government.